ECODEM  Group is  a  deconstruction  and  waste  management  company.  Our  goal  is  to promote sustainability  through green building practices. We have developed a deconstruction  process  that  allows  us  to  reuse  or  recycle  materials  without  compromising  deadlines   or budgets. At ECODEM Group, we believe that being socially responsible is priceless and strive to find new ways  to  contribute. We recently  chose to be hosted by an  internet provider   who is strongly  committed  to  sustainability.


Our deconstruction methods allow us to discover high-risk contaminants, and potential hidden hazards, so that they can be safely removed. Our methods also allow us to reduce dust, dirt and noise on our sites. Unbeatable reasons to choose us for your projects. Our team of professionals are well trained in hazardous  materials  and  can  easily  mitigate  any  unforeseen  issues. We  are  well  equipped,  licensed,  insured, and  ready  to  serve  your  needs.


At ECODEM Group  we  strongly  believe  that  sustainable  development  requires green building methods. ECODEM Group offers many services that help facilitate the recycling process, including  deconstruction  and c onstruction  waste management. ECODEM Group can meet the most demanding recycling targets. In addition, recycling  has  always  been  part  of  our  processes, it is  simply  what  we  do.  We  hope  to  inspire  others  to  do  the  same.



ECODEM Group provides cleaning services for construction sites. Most materials are recycled at no additional cost.


ECODEM GROUP provides proof of recycling, upon request, including all documentation necessary for obtaining LEED credits.


At Ecodem Group, our team is well trained and well equipped to meet all  your needs. No job is too big or too delicate  for our team of professionals  who has extensive experience in construction. This experience extends beyond basic deconstruction and spans to building, renovation, and mechanical trades.